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Fact: You have many choices in Indiana for hearing help. Fact: Many competitors are advertising special offers. Fact: Many of you are confused, where do I go? Who do I trust? Fact: We want you to consider and trust us. Here are 6 facts why you should.

Try before you buy!

We will beat any competitors’ price on a comparable hearing aid.

We are here to help you…not just sell you something.

Our Network donates hearing aids to under-privileged children.

Audiologist and Hearing Instrument Specialist on staff.

Most insurances accepted.

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Hearing Loss


Hearing is essential to full enjoyment and participation in life. Unfortunately, today one in ten Americans – over 30 million people – experience some degree of hearing loss. This makes it third most chronic health condition among Americans, after arthritis and high blood pressure. Prolonged or loud noise exposure seems to have overtaken age as the leading cause of hearing loss. Though hearing loss is not life threatening, clinical studies show that untreated hearing loss can negatively impact your job performance, your social life, your relationships with friends and family, and ultimately your physical well-being. So do not ignore it!


How do you know if you might benefit from hearing aids?


Family or friends tell you they often have to repeat what they say to you.

You become frustrated because you can’t clearly understand others.

Your have trouble understanding speech on television or radio at normal volume levels.

Your hearing problem embarrasses you when you meet new people.

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