If you’ve been holding out on getting hearing aids because you were waiting for something that didn’t scream “hearing aid!” while also offering unheard of sound quality and high-tech, life-just-got-way-easier features, well then you know how the next paragraph begins.

Hold out no longer and check out Via Edge AI custom rechargeable hearing aids. Custom hearing aids have been around a long time — and Audibel has always been the undisputed leader in their manufacturing — but these are the first and only smartphone-connected rechargeable custom hearing aids.

For many, the fact that there is finally a rechargeable custom hearing aid will be enough to hop off the fence. For others, that they don’t sit behind your ears like traditional hearing aids should make inquiring minds want to know more.

For everyone else, here are a dozen reasons why it’s time to finally look into getting hearing aids — or to swap out your old pair for something better.

  1. Because sound quality is king — and these are our best sounding hearing aids yet!
  2. You can charge them while you sleep and they’re good to go all day.
  3. They were named “most tech-forward hearing aids” by Healthline. 
  4. Your teenage grand/daughter will think they “create a vibe.” (My 19-year old daughter assures me that’s a good thing.)
  5. They won’t budge when you wear or remove your mask.
  6. You can listen to podcasts (and nature!) while you’re walking your dog (or going for a hike).
  7. There are no batteries to worry about, fumble with or buy.
  8. They are custom molded to your ear — so they’re snug, comfortable and your kids can’t “borrow” and “misplace” them (like kids are prone to do with cool gadgets).
  9. If you don’t like missing out on conversations and social activities, you won’t with these.
  10. No one knows they’re hearing aids — they just look like futuristic earpods.
  11. You can talk on the phone with them, hands-free, without missing a beat.
  12. There’s not another pair out there that’s exactly like yours!