I want to Thank You for the great job you did with fitting me with my hearing instruments. As I told you, I had a less than satisfactory situation with my previous vendor. It seemed like each time I would return to their store, a different person was working with me. On my final visit, I was informed that my instrument was not functioning properly and would need to be returned to the factory for repairs which would be a minimum of $235. This was the proverbial “last straw” for me so I decided to seek another vendor for my needs. When I first visited you for my hearing check, I mentioned this problem to you….Do you remember? That was the problem you fixed at no charge in 5 minutes with a toothpick and a drop of superglue! That incident gave me a strong feeling that I was in a place that had my interests in mind. This was further confirmed by your recommendations of trying out 2 other hearing aids before settling on the behind-the-ear model which I currently use. I’m glad that you recommended the digital model with a programmable flexibility. In this day and age when everything seems so rushed, it is a pleasure to do business with an organization that takes the time to do it right, which I certainly feel you did with me. I’m confident you treat all of your clients in this manner and would have no problem recommending your services to anyone.